Dear all you fabulous Moonbeamers…

With our lovely Moonbeams being so close to 21st June it, unfortunately, gives us no room to manoeuvre should there be a delay.

As we all know, this is just a predicted date and we have no guarantee that’s when step 4 will happen. We also have no idea yet of any health and safety precautions we will have to take until late May and this will inevitably have an impact on our finances and ability to run the festival.

Our site is beautiful, but compact, and I know that I would not be able to provide adequate social distancing if needs be. I have discussed this at length with the venue and they totally agree with me. Our main focus will always be the safety and well being of you, along with our crew and artists.

So, sadly, I am letting you know that I plan to roll this year’s Moonbeams over to 2022. With the situation being so bad right now, I do not feel that I can be responsible for 1000+ lovely people by July…

I do hope you understand.

All tickets will be transferred over to 2022… and I do hope you will be with us for one extra special Moonbeams next summer. If you do require a refund, please let me know, as we have a VERY long waiting list.

Love to you all.. stay safe.. and I cannot wait to welcome you back for some much needed Moonbeams magic next July!

Leila x

An introduction to Moonbeams…

Moonbeams Festival is held at the Wold Top Brewery, perched on top of the Yorkshire Wolds. Moonbeams Festival is one of the country’s best-kept secrets, a festival that provides the perfect weekend away to enjoy world-class music and award-winning ales in the most beautiful surroundings!

It all began in 2007 when Moonbeams organiser Leila Cooper invited one of her favourite singer-songwriters, Chris Helme, to come and play in her hometown of Driffield, she even adopted the name Moonbeams from the title of one of his songs.

“The Moonbeams ‘Summer Gatherings’ began at my home farm in Kelk in 2007 and a couple of years later, I put on the first Moonbeams Festival at the Wold Top Brewery after music lovers Tom and Gill Mellor invited me to use their amazing venue.

“From the very first festival, my vision was to help people enjoy a perfect weekend away in a lovely rural setting, with world-class music and award-winning food and drink. When we moved the festival to Hunmanby Grange and visitors told me that the sweep into the brewery drive is their cue to kick back and have a great time, I knew that I’d realised my dream.”

“The festival has since grown in size, but it still has that lovely friendly intimate atmosphere it began with many years ago, which is a huge part of its charm… We have built up our audience over the years, with many people coming from all over the country to relax and enjoy the music. The atmosphere is always wonderful and is made so by the wonderful audience.”

Leila launched Moonbeams as a way to bring top-class acoustic, folk and roots music to East Yorkshire and now organises other music events throughout the year, in addition to compering at other festivals, including Cambridge Folk Festival, Shrewsbury Folk Festival and Kate Rusby’s Underneath the Stars Festival.

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